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Below are answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. Feel free to call (435) 901-2158 or email with any further questions you might have.

Looks great! How do we get started?

You can call or email us. We are always available and look forward to discussing this opportunity with you. We can discuss much of this over the phone, if you have specific questions after watching our YouTube demo video. If you would like to purchase any of the presentations, we have an automated ordering process on this website. Click here for the pricing and ordering info.

How soon can we have our Listing Presentation completed?

Once you purchase from our website, the website automatically sends you a digital file of our Steps to Success Custom Listing Presentation template within minutes. The current presentation format we have is a Microsoft PowerPoint digital file which you can easily edit on your own. The file size is approximately 25 MB and to receive the digital file, you will get an email with a download link. Once received, click on the link to download the file(s) and save them on your computer, perhaps in a marketing folder.

The PowerPoint template includes all the supporting images within the file. Our standard listing presentation is for the most part ready to go when you receive it. The images are generic enough that anyone can use them, but look good enough to be very professional. All you will need to do is change out your company logo, adjust a few words here and there, add your bios and photos where noted, and make other similar easy changes. Within a couple hours you can have your listing presentation fully customized. Spend a little more time and you can really personalize your presentation like some of the samples shown on our website.

Can I pay for my Listing Presentation with a credit card?

Yes. We have a PayPal account to make billing easy. When you purchase through this website, the ordering is routed through a digital file delivery system (fetch app) with payment managed through PayPal. PayPal is a safe system for making online payments and purchases. If you are unsatisfied with your order, just let us know and we’ll work out a full refund if necessary. Once we receive payment, the system automatically delivers your digital PowerPoint file via an email with a download link. This happens very fast, usually within a few minutes, and is a 24/7 schedule. If your doing this in the middle of the night, no worries, you’ll still receive your files within minutes.

What if we need changes after our Listing Presentation is complete?

Easy. You have the original PowerPoint template file, so you can make as many updates or changes as you like. If you change brokerages, add a team member, change marketing services, etc., you can quickly and easily update your digital PowerPoint file yourself. Its easy, and its cost effective, even as your real estate business changes. All you need to do is know how to use Microsoft PowerPoint. Even if you are not proficient in that program, it is very easy to learn, and because the presentation is mostly complete for you, its easy to make changes. You’re not creating from scratch, just making edits and changing out a few images, so quite easy.

If you are a brokerage, and purchasing the brokerage license to use with multiple agents, you can hire us to customize your presentation for you. We keep all of our original digital files so we can easily pull up your presentation and quickly make adjustments and resend a new version back to you. We back-up all of our files so they are easy to find, even months or years after the initial listing presentation is built. If you are using the digital version to present to clients, it is very easy to get a few changes made, and a new PowerPoint or PDF file sent to you. This is hands down the best real estate listing presentation for sale as it is fully customized for you, and as your business changes, it is easy to adjust the presentation to match.

What software or type of computer is needed to edit the Listing Presentation?

The file comes to you as a fully editable Microsoft PowerPoint file. We have built our original version on an Apple MacBook Pro, but you can use a standard PC with Microsoft PowerPoint as well. Also, Apple’s new Keynote software is fully integrated to be an alternative to PowerPoint, so you can open our PowerPoint file, and save and edit using Keynote if you prefer. Either way, it is designed to be very easy, and flexible in that you can edit at any time in the future as you need or see fit.

What can I do if I am not familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint?

We built this in PowerPoint because most computers have the full Microsoft Office suite which includes Excel, Outlook, Word and PowerPoint. If you are familiar with Word, you’ll be just fine diving into PowerPoint. It is a very universal program for graphic design related functions. An amazing resource for earning PowerPoint or any programs is Lynda.com. We have used their website ourselves to learn further enhanced web design skills, its a great resource. They even have a free 14 day trial you can do. The site has videos that take you step by step, and is one of the easiest learning tools we have found. You would want one of the PowerPoint “Essential” training videos. They also have videos on Photoshop, web marketing, social media, etc. A great resource for us Realtors working in the digital age.

Can we share or split costs of our Listing Presentation with other agents?

No. When you purchase our listing presentation, it is only for your individual use. If you are a team leader, your team agents may use it. If you are a partnership, you both can use it, but you cannot share the presentation with others, even agents in your office. We have worked very hard over many years to create this amazing product and we do try to keep the costs as affordable as possible. So please respect our intellectual property and do not give this away to others.

If you are a real estate brokerage purchasing our listing presentation for your company to use we will work out a special rate depending on the number of agents in your company, and on how much customizing you will want us to do for you. Again this will be very cost effective.

Who will benefit by utilizing this Listing Presentation?

Any agent, any brokerage, in any market will find these presentation tools very helpful and effective. We have designed our listing and buying presentations to be easy to present, and easy to understand. As an individual agent you will be better at getting the listings you want. As a brokerage you will have an excellent tool to provide to your agents, and an excellent tool to recruit more agents. If you are already a successful veteran agent, you can have your presentation customized to promote that. If you are a new agent, you can use the brokerage version and promote the brokerage strengths. This will work for anyone.

How do I load my Listing Presentation on to my iPad?

Its quite easy. First, you will use PowerPoint to save a PDF version of your listing presentation. With your presentation open in PowerPoint, choose the top menu selection File > Save As. The “Save As” feature lets you choose a file type, and you will choose the PDF type. This will create a copy of the presentation in a standard PDF format. Then simply email the PDF copy to your iPad, or tablet. Save it on the device to keep it stored there. On the iPad, it will be stored in your iBooks application. The iBooks application has two libraries or “Collections”; Books will include any books you have purchased, and PDFs will include any PDF files you have added, such as your listing presentation.

Or you can connect your iPad to your computer using iTunes. iTunes manages everything you keep on your iPad. In iTunes, you can choose in the top menu bar “File” then choose “Add to Library”. The computer dialog box will come up, and you will browse your computer files to find your Steps to Success Listing Presentation. When you choose you listing presentation file, it is added to your “Books” library in iTunes. Then the next time you plug in your iPad to Sync, your listing presentation will be added to your iPad.

We recommend keeping your iPad handy at all times. That way whenever you have the opportunity to talk with a seller, you can pull up your customized listing presentation at any time. We have held open houses for listings, then had neighbors come by to talk, and with the listing presentation ready to go on our iPad we can better capture them before they go off and talk with other agents, It works so well!

Does this Listing Presentation sync with my MLS or with a CMA software?

No. We have designed our listing presentation to be a simple solution for everyone, therefore allowing us to keep the costs extremely low. So no, it does not sync with any MLS systems, nor does it sync with any CMA software. We recommend running through the presentation first to educate the seller. Once you go through the entire presentation, and talk about getting the home ready, pricing theory, marketing, and the transaction process, the seller should be on board and ready to move ahead with you. At that point you can talk about specific pricing strategy for their home. At that point they will regard you as the expert, and will most likely be more cooperative, knowing that if they do overprice by too much, all the marketing and all efforts will simply go to waste.

Can I print out my Listing Presentation?

Yes. It is possible to print the PowerPoint file. Most of the photos are high enough resolution for printing in the office. When we print a copy on our office color copy machine it looks quite nice. It may be a little low resolution for true offset or even digital printing, which usually require a higher resolution file and also requires printing multiple copies such as a minimum of about 500. Printing in your office copy machine and placing in a nice binder with clear sheets can look quite nice. If you prefer the old school version it will work. Some agents keep a printed copy like this for dealing with older clients.

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